Feeding America –

Alabama Food Bank Association (web site for nine food banks throughout Alabama) –

Food Research Action Center (a national organization working to improve public policies to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in the United States) –

United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service (federal program that manages food stamps, school meals and the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program) –

Congressional Hunger Center (An outgrowth of the Congressional Select Committee on Hunger, the center publishes a newsletter, encourages local advocacy and provides educational resources for teachers.) –

MAZON – a Jewish Response to Hunger (a nonprofit agency that allocates donations from the Jewish community to nonprofit organizations providing food and help to hungry people) –

Nutrition-related Resources:

The American Dietetic Association –

Healthy People 2020 (a government initiative for improving health) –

United States Government nutrition site –

A website that promotes good health through eating fruits and vegetables –


United States Department of Agriculture – National Agicultural Library

Food Safety:

Gateway to government food safety information –

Partnership for Food Safety Education –

Fundraising and Education Resources: products to sell for fundraising ideas and products for fundraising has a great library of articles encouragement for fundraising professionals whether you are a novice or pro articles about fundraising tips and techniques guide to federal grants low cost computer software ideas about products to sell for fundraisers like candy bars, cookie dough, etc. free training through articles and webinars/ excellent GRANT WRITING resource you put in what leftovers you have and it gives you a recipe to try you information about food waste in America and how to prevent it from happening gives you information about how to store leftovers correctly and how long you can store different foods If you garden and have leftover produce, you can go to this site, put in your address, and it will generate a map to the closest food pantry so you can donate the food.